My usual Sunday morning routing is sleeping in, wearing my coziest pair of PJ’s, pouring myself a BIG cup of coffee and catching up on all my latest favorite blogs. This is the time where I gather all my mojo and energy for the upcoming week.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-23 um 20.26.15I usually start with my local newspaper (thank god for their great electronic version – no more paper
collecting) and continue with the latest tech-nerd news on The Verge (English). If you haven’t checked it out, it is a must see. The Verge team is always up to date with the latest news and trends in the tech-world. Their articles are a wide range of hardware, software but also film and music. They have a great way of giving detailed information but making it accessible to all the readers that aren’t familiar with the nerd language.


abeautifulmessAs soon as my inner geek is satisfied my creative side gets it’s treat.
There are several blogs that inspire me but some of them are just inspiration pure! A Beautiful Mess (English) is one of them, a blog by two sweet sisters from Missouri, has an entertaining focus on easy recipes, by Emma, sweet DIY’s and decor ideas by Elsie and fashion styles by both of them. These girls can make my day by giving me the absolute “I want to have that and I need to do this” kick that is the sweet treat for my week. I’ve found myself several times following their instructions and spoiling my inner creative tribes.

I know it sounds corny but there is a magic satisfaction coming from handcrafting!
I could go on and on about great DIY ideas but it’s not all about crafts and definitely not everyone shares my passion for gluing, cutting and sewing. So let’s move on to my guilty pleasure: food!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-23 um 20.26.46

Ever since I was old enough to hold my own spoon my mum wasn’t safe from me in the kitchen anymore. With my love for food my passion for cooking grew.
On Gourmet Guerilla (German) Püppi is the chef. She has it all! The classics, the basics, breakfast, lunch and dinner and recipes for all you “I can’t/don’t eat meat/milk/eggs/carbs/gluten/lactose….” From simple to special, her recipes will make your mouth watering.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-23 um 20.30.55Another great blog is written by two lovebirds, Susann und Yannic. Krautkopf (English & German). Congrats to them since they published their first cookbook “Krautkopf” in 2015! (Sorry guys it’s only available in German) One look on their website and you’ll see their photography is the quintessential food porn. There is one slightly noticeable catch for all you meat lovers, they only have vegetarian recipes but while going through the recipes you’ll forget about that in no time.
Enough of my Sunday routine! These are just few of the blogs that inspire us from eyeslovetosee. Let us know what inspires you tell us on Facebook and Instagram.



Jule Haug

Besonders qualifiziert bin ich als professionelle Tagträumerin, immer unterwegs zwischen Uni und Arbeit (oder meistens im Café dazwischen). Die Beziehung zu meiner Kaffeemaschine ist sehr innig. Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist Glitzer und meine Superkraft ist Tollpatschigkeit.
Über Reisen, Essen, Kunst und Kultur wirst du von mir am meisten finden.

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