As you all know we have two types of people: Those who think the glass is half full and those who think that the glass is half empty. Now if a representative of the latter group were to catch a cold, he’d be pretty annoyed.

The “glass-half-full” group however wouldn’t mind. Not only would they not mind, they would also look forward to some good old “I am sick”-activity enhanced with cutting edge technology. Here is a glimpse of such activity

  • You get to drink cool stuff:
    • Who doesn’t like the taste of Aspirin?
    • Mix boiled water with lemon and some honey. Enjoy!
    • Peppermint Tea with Honey
    • Basically, now is the right time to poor honey into any hot beverage you like
  • Catch up on your favorite TV shows:
    Ever wondered whether you can watch an entire season of your favorite TV-show in a day? Now you can find out. And the best part about it is that you won’t get a guilty feeling.
  • Catch up on News:
    Some people just read the headlines of the news every day. Now you can read the news, watch the news, listen to the news, heck you can inhale the news and show off with your knowledge when you feel good again.
  • You can sleep whenever you feel like it
    This is a luxury you should really appreciate, because this is probably the only time you can sleep when you feel like it. And I’m not talking about 15 minute power naps here. You can actually sleep as long as you want and wherever you want.

So, coming back to our “glass-half-empty” group. I hope you see the glass a little bit fuller.