Artikel von Ary Borhani

How not to plan a road trip

I’m sure that if you go through the internet there will be thousands of guides and specific instructions on how to plan a road trip. You can find all the necessary and unnecessary information to nearly any destination.

Tijuana – the trip that should have never been

So as you probably have read, we went on this cool road trip. Naturally, we had to start in San Francisco. From there on we drove all the way to San Diego. We spent a day in Silicon Valley, one day by the beach of Monterey/Carmel and took in the breathtaking views of Big Sur. After that we visited Solvang (a historic Danish town in Santa Barbara County), took that mandatory stroll in Santa Barbara, had some fun on Hollywood Blvd. and ended up in San Diego.

Classic cars of „The Man in the High Castle“

So the other day, out of nowhere, one of my friends recommends an Amazon Originals series called “The Man in the High Castle”. Now my friend is a nice guy who is always up to date on the latest TV-Shows, and to be fair he does always recommend good ones, but we don’t necessarily share the same taste when it comes to TV-Shows (or movies, or music, or anything related to entertainment).

Perks of being sick

As you all know we have two types of people: Those who think the glass is half full and those who think that the glass is half empty. Now if a representative of the latter group were to catch a cold, he’d be pretty annoyed.

Food options on a trip

What kind of food options does one have on a trip? Well that pretty much depends on the kind of trip. So let’s assume we’re talking about a train trip from Hamburg to Munich. 6 hours straight, a lot of passengers around you and a board restaurant.