So the other day, out of nowhere, one of my friends recommends an Amazon Originals series called “The Man in the High Castle”. Now my friend is a nice guy who is always up to date on the latest TV-Shows, and to be fair he does always recommend good ones, but we don’t necessarily share the same taste when it comes to TV-Shows (or movies, or music, or anything related to entertainment).

 Plus, I am a little lazy when it comes to new shows. I just don’t like getting accustomed to the new show. I’m sure you know the drill of the pilot episode. This is where you have to pay close attention and learn everything about the story and its characters. You have to understand their stories and history, all the current circumstances and make the first guess as to who the good-guys are and who could later turn out to be a traitor.  Having all this in mind I decided to google the show and see if the topic was interesting enough for me, before I made such a commitment. After I couldn’t find any reason not to watch the show, I gave it a shot (still being skeptic though). And then it happened – the first classic car intrigued me. It was a green 1957 Chevy Bel Air 2 door sedan. From this moment on, I was hooked (with a capital H!).

Now this is not a complete enumeration of all the classic cars that appeared in the series. It is just about those I loved most.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
What could I possibly say about such an iconic car. I don’t think that any other car portrays the American Zeitgeist of that era, such as this one. Not to mention that the round front lights combined with the style of the bumpers make this an undeniably beautiful car. And who among us does not know the futuristic-looking tailfins of this car?



Mercedes Benz W111
This car has been used by John Smith (better said, he was sitting in the back scheming, while his chauffeur drove the car).  Apart from being a high class sedan, this car was one of Mercedes’s “Fintail” Series. The characteristic Mercedes tailfins (which reflected the US-led trend) were very modest, making the car look sleeker.



Lincoln Continental Mark II
Several black Continental’s have been used by the Yakuza in San Francisco (Man in the High Castle). Personally, I enjoy every single detail of this car and can never get enough of it (although I must say I prefer red). And of course, this car has all the design aspects that the continental maintained throughout the years (and which make them quite easy to spot).The most obvious one is the Lincoln emblem on the hood and the even larger emblem on the spare tire. Speaking of which, the spare tire might be the most iconic feature of the Continental Mark series. After a few years of absence it has been brought back for the 1969 Mark III. And it just looks magnificent in combination with the tailfins. The Grille of this car fits in perfectly and make the Mark II look more valuable. What I find astonishing is that they have used just the right amount of chrome.